Leap and Spin!

The invitation to Leap and Spin feels utterly appropriate this morning. And so I share words once more from the Northumbria Community’s resource. May you experience as well as believe that darkness is driven back. May you leap and spin! May you dance with creation!  Alleluia – Lumen Christi!

Blessings one and all! – Joanne

Leap and spin, you powers of heaven.
Burst into explosive songs of joy,
all you companies of angels.
Let the throne of God be surrounded
with the praises of all that has life.

The earth glories in her Maker.
Now mountain and valley glow in splendour;
the sea on the shore whispers the praises of Jesus.

Rivers stream through thirsty soil,
bringing news of gladness –
the Redeemer is risen. His glory fills the earth.
The trees thunder their praises,
and loudly clap their hands.

Sound a trumpet through all the earth.
Our Morning Star is alive!
Risen in splendour, He is among us;
the darkness is driven back.
We, His people, join in the dance of all creation.

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