What’s Not Nailed Down? Wind-Wisdom!

Last night and today, the wind throws itself through the gaps between houses, past windows and doors, through tree limbs and over just-starting daffodil growth.  It sings as it moves in cadences up and down, strong and soft, forte and pianissimo.  As it goes by with a particular crescendo, I hear a crash of garbage cans or clattering gates, and go to the door to see if wood scraps at the back of the house set aside to unload have been picked up and tossed.  What’s not nailed down around the home that might go flying?

A parable, this.  What is it in our lives that is not secure enough to weather the weather?

Simple windblown thoughts this morning:  some things may need securing in our lives, and others loosening.  And wisdom may be in knowing the difference, acting where we can, getting assistance where we need it, growing silent before the realities, seeking grace with open heart, watching the Spirit (sometimes wind) at work at will.  And so, some wind-born questions for reflection:

  • Where around our lives are there ‘loose boards’ or unsecured items? 
  • What is our deepest desire with regard to these?  This is not about our compulsion, but our truest desire. 
  • Do we sense what God’s invitation might be with these? 
  • And so, should we do what is necessary to secure them tighter to ourselves?  Or should we untie them so the wind can take them, at its speed and whim? 
  • Are there other items inside the ‘house’ of our lives that ought to be put out for the wind to take or move?
  • Can we be patient with the process of how movement happens, once we’ve done what we can do? 
  • Should we celebrate the softer breezes of gentleness in the movement, or pray for a hurricane wind to take things far away? 

Regardless, we must remember that we are more than the loose boards – whether they need securing or loosening!  We might make the necessary adjustments on the items we’ve discerned and then leave the ‘house’ to take a walk away in wind which buffers and refreshes, free of the process.  I hum an old John Denver piece, and offer it to you as background for our walk.

The wind is the whisper of our mother the earth… so, welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers!

Happy Saturday, all.  Enjoy the day’s gifts.

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