“So Much Life,” says the Bumblebee. Is Easter Sinking In?

So much life, so much color, so much sweetness, so much pink!  Where does one little bumblebee start?  Looks like Easter to me!

It makes perfect sense to me that the Easter season is even longer than Lent.  It’s sometimes harder for we humans to take in the magnitude of abundance and good and life than it is to dwell on limits and pain and the difficult.  Sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but I believe it to be true.  All those blossoms are there these days.  Will we let ourselves be blown away by them?

Jesus’ resurrection appearances in the Gospels are so many moments of “can you hear me yet?” “can you get it yet?” “do you see there’s really life, peace, hope yet?” “can you let go of your fear yet?”  “can you dare to trust yet?”  It seems that, in light of the disciples’ slowness to really get it, we should be patient with our own hesitancy to put both feet in the “all is always well” basket.  Stronger than that patience though, we must also be strong in resolve, willing to remain wide open to abundance and Easter and redemption and new life.  Even if we hide in closed rooms, as the disciples did, we should keep our eyes open for God who walks through obstacles to wish us peace and let us know it is alright to rejoice… as God does in raising Jesus, as Jesus does in being with us, as the Spirit does in dancing-praying-guiding from within our hearts.  We are to be, as the old banners used to read, Easter people.  We read reality through the total of the paschal mystery – through death and resurrection.  And we hold the hand of the One whose wounds are oh-so-real and oh-so-amazingly-transformed!

So today I offer the image of the bumblebee facing all those gorgeous azalea blossoms on just one section of one bush.  There are hundreds of bushes like this on the street on which I live.  Hundreds of thousands of blossoms.  Easter is so far beyond our ability to hold – and yet its reality is so much more abundant than anything this small buzzing insect faces.  And it’s our reality – and all of creation’s reality.  Rejoice!

May we consent to be blown away by life, by resurrection, by all we continue to learn of what God is up to in our mind-blowingly huge and microcosm-small universe… and in each of our hearts and lives.

Blessed Easter Season!


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2 thoughts on ““So Much Life,” says the Bumblebee. Is Easter Sinking In?

  1. Thank you! This is so beautiful and has touched my heart. I’ll carry that image with me… Easter blessings to you!

  2. Anonymous

    Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing…

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